Legacy Film Series
"Old/schmold, it's the attitude that counts."
  - Sheila Herling Malkind, 1938-
The director of the Legacy Film Series is Sheila Malkind, who moved to the Bay area from Chicago, where she was the director of the Silver Images Film Festival for three years, presenting films that celebrated older adults.


Ms. Malkind holds a Master of Arts degree (MA) in Clinical Psychology and a Master of Public Health degree (MPH), specializing in gerontology. She is a published writer and photographer.


The Legacy Film Series has presented its programs in collaboration with Saybrook Graduate School, the Pacific Institute, the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, the Older Women’s League of San Francisco, libraries, senior centers, and assisted living facilities.


Post-screening evaluations have elicited only the most positive of responses:
As one of our viewers said, "These films allow younger people to see their potential in older years and older people to appreciate their journey to senior life." As another viewer wrote: "These films and videos help us live our lives with respect, courage, and value."
Photo Credits: Let's Face It: Wendy Oser, Joan Levinson, Beverly Spencer Afloat: Erin Hudson Old Woman: Sandra Martin Productions