Legacy Film Series
"All would live long, but none would be old."
- Benjamin Franklin, 1706-1790
Film Rentals & Purchase


Note: Consultation is available to develop a film program and select films tailored to your specific interest and needs.

  • Free one-hour consultation
  • Fee for additional consultation


  • Please indicate date needed. Films are shipped via UPS at least 5 days before your show date. On request, the program may be shipped earlier (See PREVIEWS, below).
  • There is an additional charge of one-way shipping of films to your organization. Shipping & handling depends on size of film order. Your organization is responsible for return shipping.
  • Films must be shipped back the business day after your show date.
  • We require advance payment (by check), an organizational purchase order, or a written order on your group's letterhead.
  • If charging admission, or for groups numbering 50 or more viewers, and for consideration of profit or non-profit organization, there is an additional charge for public performance/theatrical exhibition of the production.
  • Any programs of half-day duration or longer must include on all materials: The Legacy Film Series and (sponsoring organization) present ..." , along with the Legacy Film Series logo.
  • For any program that consists of the rental or purchase of Legacy Film Series films exclusively, the organization must acknowledge the Legacy Film Series as its co-sponsoring agent, and include the Legacy Film Series logo as well.


Legacy Film Series offers previews for $15 each plus S&H to qualified buyers so that they may evaluate the content of our programs and determine their suitability. The preview tapes supplied are for making rental decisions, and should not be shown publicly or in the classroom or other instructional setting.

Preview orders must be placed by mail, fax, or email using a purchase order number or institutional letterhead. They are scheduled on a first come, first-served basis. Our preview tapes may be of lesser technical quality than our rental/sale inventory; they should be returned to Legacy Film Series after the preview period has ended. If the program is to be rented, we will send a new, fresh copy.


Your purchase of any of our titles includes the right to use the tapes for classroom or other group showings in educational settings, though not for theatrical or other presentations to the general public where admission fees are charged. For information on prices and rights other than these please give us a call or email us. Copying of programs in any medium or format is not permitted without advance authorization from Legacy Film Series.

Phone inquiries or email orders should be made directly to:
Sheila Malkind, Director, 415/861-2159.
E-Mail: legacyfilmseries@yahoo.com

Note: The name of your program is your creative decision, but Legacy Film Series must be credited in all publicity materials, such as flyers.
Photo Credits: Let's Face It: Wendy Oser, Joan Levinson, Beverly Spencer Afloat: Erin Hudson Old Woman: Sandra Martin Productions